Beauty hacks


Not all beauty looks require tons of products, or time. Sometimes, all it takes are some shortcuts and a few key products you likely own anyway. Read on for some truly need-to-know beauty tips and hacks from celebs and the people who keep them beautiful.
1. Dip a cotton ball into some foundation to remove mascara mishaps and conceal at the same time.

2. Ran out of blush? use lipstick as a cream blush!

3.Brush baby powder over  mascara for extra fullness.

4.Sugar is perfect for exfoliating as it also contains glycolic acid, beneficial for its anti-aging qualities.

5.Coconut oil is perfect for skin and hair.

6. Mixing coffee grounds in your body lotion and massaging it into skin helps  to keep cellulite at bay. Putting coffee grounds in is  also a great way to tighten skin as the caffeine promotes circulation, diminishing the appearance of dimples.