Easy coffee oil scrub for hair growth


Coffee has its many nutritional values to the body, ranging from being used as a workout fuel, brain booster, energy drink and sleep suppressant for most people, more to it, did you know you can grow your hair with coffee?

Apart from keeping you awake when you are sleepy, the caffeine in coffee also slap your dormant hair follicles awake and make them produce hair. Here is a coffee DIY to help your hair grow.

Things you will need:
4 tablespoon coconut oil
2 teaspoon coffee powder


“Heat a small pot on the stove and slowly add the oil and add the coffee grounds or powder, make sure that the oil doesn’t start smoking, keep on the flame and stir slowly for 10 minutes and once done, keep it aside and let it cool before application”.

“Apply it directly to the scalp, the rough coffee grounds will help slough off dead cells from the scale (works well if you have dandruff) and the scrubbing will also help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp”.