Makeup mistakes you didn’t know you were making


Hi guys, basically want you guys to know some basic mistakes you make while applying your makeup and how to take care of them. these tips will help you look beautiful.

You’re applying bronzer to your entire face.
Bronzer is meant to accent your bone structure and complexion, not disguise it. Skip the Oompa Loompa look and apply bronzer sparingly to the forehead, cheekbones and jawline to avoid looking overdone.

You’re dotting on your under-eye concealer.
If you’re just stippling a little row of concealer under your eyes , you aren’t maximizing the benefits of this excellent fixer-upper. Instead, apply it in a triangle. This not only evens out all the darkness and inconsistencies below your eyes, but also creates a “triangle of light” that draws attention to your eyes.

You’re only applying eyeliner on the bottom lash line.
Bottom liner may be easier to apply, but skipping the top lash line can make your eyes look smaller and give your face an older look , which is probably not the goal you’re after. Take a few moments to apply a thin line on top — it’ll pay off by giving your eyes a more awake and lifted appearance.

Your brow arch is too dramatic.
Defining your brows is a great way to polish your look, but placing your arch way above your actual brow just looks outdated and unnatural. Some people simply don’t have dramatic arches, so just follow the curve that’s already there to ensure your brow pencil or shadow doesn’t make you appear angry or surprised.

Your blush is only on the apples of your cheeks.
If you’re blending your blush exclusively to the
apples of your cheeks , that can make you look more clown-like than fresh. Instead, apply it to your cheeks and then sweep it upward on your cheekbones, as well as a bit below the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow.

You’re connecting your top and bottom liner.
If you want to make your eyes appear larger, try leaving a little gap between your top and bottom eyeliner at the outer corners — connecting them closes off the eye, making them look smaller. Bonus: If you want really wide, bright eyes, add nude liner along your bottom waterline.

The tail of your brow is too long.
If you’re drawing your brows on and make them too long at the ends, you risk giving your eyes a sleepy effect that drags your features downward. To find
your perfect arch and length, place an eyeliner pencil on your nostril vertically, which is where your brows should start. Then, point it through your pupil, which indicates where the arch should be. Finally, hold it diagonally from your outer nostril to the outside corner of your eye — where it hits is where your brow’s tail should be.

You’re piling on too much concealer.
You know the age-old expression “less is more”? Well, that applies so much to concealer. Sure, this handy product can make your look go from sleepy to perky in just a matter of moments, but using too much can actually make you look overdone rather than awake. Apply a thin layer and blend, then see if you still need a bit more to complete the look.

Your blush is too low.
Blush can liven up your face in just two quick swipes, but if you apply it under your cheekbones, it can give your bone structure a sullen look. Sweep a pretty pink shade on the apples of your cheeks, then blend it up and downward.

Hope you found these tips very helpful, let me know what you hint in the comment box below.


By: .Simi Taiwo

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