Best Primer for every skin type


A perfect Primer is the Secret to flawless foundation application,primers don’t just help to keep your base in place,they can also add an extra glow to the skin if it becomes oily.Whether you want to blur wrinkles,mattify,minimise the appearance of pores or even out skin tone,Primers do these and more whilst creating a perfect base for makeup and helping it to stay put for long
Check out my Edit of the best primers to try now
MAC prep and prime natural radiance base is my pick of primers for controlling oil and shine,this beauty classic promotes even skin tone and creates the ideal base for makeup and it also reduces oiliness so it’s a favourite for me because I have oily skin.

Sleek Control Shine and Prime
This product is one of my favs because it sets and locks in my makeup for the whole day,it conceals and hold things in place,it gives an extra glow too

Urban Decay
THIS excellent primer blurs pores and fine lines as well as creating a soft matte finish.It also gives an overall airbrushed effect in an instant.

No7 beautifully matte Primer
I cannot talk about primers and not mention this primer,it’s matte base has light reflecting particles which helps to disguise fine lines and flaws,it also helps minimise blemishes and blot away shine without blocking pores. PS-its also hypo-allergenic which means it is less likely to cause a reaction or an allergy.

Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia
I love this product so much and I always always make use of it,you feel you face tighten up when applying it on,it is super light and smooth.people with sensitive skin might get a reaction from using it for the first few days but after a while you don’t react to it gives a perfect finish and amazing look.



By: Simi Taiwo