Adasa Cookey: Artistes Can Sue Government For Ban


Music producer for 9ice, Adasa Cookey has bared his thoughts on songs being banned. According to the producer, he has urged artistes who songs are been unlawfully banned to sue the government for such act.

Adasa said in a recent interview, that there was no need for songs to be banned. According to him, if there’s something wrong with a song, artistes should be asked to send it back for re-editing rather than ban a song that has taken in much input and sweat from everyone involved to put the song out.

He said, “if it is one little part that is causing your video to be banned, re-edit and re-submit it for approval and make sure you do publicity after it is cleared again and put your work out there. You spent money and it may be just one line that caused the ban, you don’t have to sit down and chill after your song is banned. Go and meet them and tell them`and if you think they did not go through due process or they were wrong to do so, i think it’s high time somebody sued them. This is a business, an investment and they are interfering with people’s money and livelihood. If you think they are wrong to ban your video, i think you should sue them, they are are government doesn’t mean they cannot be sued.

He further advised artistes to stay clear of words and things that may cause their videos to be banned.