Ade Bantu Regards Afrobeat With (S) As Insult


Veteran Nigerian artiste and lead singer of music band BANTU, Adegoke Odukoya, better known by his stage name as Adé Bantu in a recent interview stated that the term “Afrobeats” with the “s” is very insulting to Nigerian music.

In an interview with HipTv, he revealed that Nigerian music used to be termed “Nigerian Pop” until the western culture came along and changed it to “afrobeats”, a term which he clearly does not subscribe to. He urged other Nigerian artistes to denounce this term because it’s a crazy person from Europe who has no idea about how the beat came about that invented it.

“The word Afrobeats with an ‘S’ is an insult because our music is Naija pop. Afrobeats is an invention of some crazy ignorant person in Europe that has no idea of the politics and philosophy behind afrobeat that was created by Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I think we just do ourselves the deservice when we just swallow everything that some Europeans gives to us. They have named our streets, our country and now they are naming our music? It’s time to wake up, however, when you don’t have the system in place that questions these things. I think we need people to protect the artistes, the journalist that question these terminologies, the managers, record labels that will stand up and say no, that’s not how we call our music, We have a word, we used to call this thing Naija pop.”