Nollywood Actress arrested for fraud in the U.S


Another case of arrest in faraway US has happened to one of Nigeria’s entertainers again, this time Nollywood actress, Lola Margaret.

Reports claims the actress is currently undergoing interrogation in the hands of the police in Atlanta, Georgia. This is said to be linked to money laundering. She was reportedly arrested after a huge sum of money was wired into her account and the collection method failed.

According to an inside source who pleads anonymity, the actress had been doing it for a while now before she got busted 2-3 weeks ago. When she was arrested initially, she was asked to reveal the identity of the person she’s working for if she wants to be freed, she reportedly revealed the identity of the said sponsor and she was temporarily released.

However, her freedom didn’t last long as the long arms of justice reached out and had her arrested again, she has been in their custody for weeks now.