Timi Dakolo: The word ‘man’ is synonymous to responsibility


R&B/soul singer Timi Dakolo is a man wearing many hats; father, husband, in-demand singer, brand ambassador, and much recently, a judge on reality music competition – The Voice Nigeria.

Juggling all these, Dakolo said, has to be done because as a man, “responsibility” is inevitable.

“It is the life of a man; the word ‘man’ is synonymous to responsibility, You have to create balance some way,” he added.

The singer noted that the launch of the online laundry service was a brilliant idea.

“I think it is a brilliant idea though; it is never as easy as it seems to diversify. Sometimes we all are too busy to do such things, like pick up stuff and take off stuff.”

Dakolo and wife, Bisola, are wont to share clips of their adorable family and occasional lovey-dovey moments on Instagram.

In a recent video, he and Bisola, driving different cars, met on the road – and Dakolo’s inner comedian couldn’t help but come out.

When asked if the post was a deliberate act, he said, “No, I was driving home,” adding humourously, “I now saw the babe, and said see this fine girl oo, forming fine girl in traffic, I had to toast her”.

After enjoying mainstream success with his latest single ‘Medicine’, the singer said he is working on a new album entitled, ‘Love and Consequences’.

“I am working on my album, it is titled Love and Consequences,” he said, adding that the record will be released before the end of the year. He revealed to the cable