Packaging: Who the hell are you showing out for?


Are those Louboutin’s that left your cell phone bill still due two months later so that you can look sexy at the upcoming party. “Packaging” your image ladies and gentlemen is not the business. If you ain’t got it, let it be! Okay, if you happen to have the money and means to do so, I don’t knock your hustle, Gucci, Fendi, Michael Kors and all those other things I cannot afford unless I consciously save towards it.  Please do your thing, but even then, within limits. Humans, please if you owe Tmobile or AT&T go ahead and pay them.  I am sure we all have different views on this one, but if you have a car in your driveway that needs fixing, but instead you paid for a trip to Vegas and three new brand name outfits to wear while out there and upon your return you are riding the bus… then your priorities may be out of whack.

If you are at a place in your life where Family-dollar is where you need to purchase home goods, Walmart is where you need to purchase your clothes and maybe wait on a hand me down for a dope pair of shoes, there is NO SHAME. If at a place in your life where you are at Forever21, H&M and Steve Madden status, there is NO SHAME.  Do we all have that one thing we indulge in, just a little bit too much? Absolutely! Now, once you have concluded what that one thing is (for some of you it’s bundles, for some it’s clothes, for some it’s Victoria Secret bras) prioritize the spending of these items into your budget.  Whoever said one cannot look fly in Aldo boots and a basic tee from Walmart?  Basically, it should be within reasonable limits that make sense for where you are in life. You may decide for this $1,250 Yeezy destroyed wool sweater, hey, no partying for a couple of weekends or no eating out. But if it means holding off on rent, helping family out, buying your books for class then my fellow human have a sit and think about it, it looks really silly. Your outfit or Brazilian hair will not conceal the ridiculousness. Most of us have heard the saying: “To many of us buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t even like”. I know some reading will say, but I do it for myself… well if you do, please know this is great, that is how it should be. It is important to feel good about one-self, BUT you still need boundaries. Did you know your spirit, your overall being does not care about the shoes on your feet. I think it would rather know you are clean…plus you can’t take these things to the grave with you anyway!

-Natasha Ewa-


  1. This is what I needed to hear for myself…Seriously, I am not doing the shako jiya thing anymore. With persistent hardwork, things will balance out in my desired lifestyle. But until then #prioritiesfirst

  2. Wow this is deep. I totally agree with you Natasha. Yes we all like expensive things but we have to make wise decisions. You can’t be earning $10 an hour and be trying to compete with someone that makes triple or more of what you make an hour. There is no such thing as “packaging”, who came up with that anyways? Lol. I say wear or drive what you can afford. Also, you are right that some people like to compete with people that don’t even care about them. At the end of the day it’s your name on those credit cards and loans, so you will be the one stuck with the bills. Be wise people.

  3. Yep! You sure can’t (take material things to the grave).

    I do like to indulge myself every now and then, but ‘packaging’ is what I do not subscribe to. There is no way you are “doing it for self” yet you are living above your own means and comfort level. People just need to chill, re-evaluate their lives and know that with or without those expensive things, they will still live, breathe, and have a FUN time.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m not a fanatic for brands so I really can’t see over my fence :p

    P/S: Awesome post T.B. Keep ’em coming and real 😉

  4. “Your outfit or Brazilian hair will not conceal your ridiculousness” Hahahaha! #BestLineEver. This is article has so much truth to it. The biggest takeaway for me is that many people are fixated about “looking” the part but forget that they are not working toward being the person they are trying to emulate. It’s fine to want the finer things in life, it’s also ok to splurge on yourself every now and again but you shouldn’t be doing it at the expense of not having any money in your savings account, not paying your rent, utility bills etc., Your goal should never be about looking like you have it but about working smart to set up the life that you desire. This includes setting up actionable goals and slaying–if you will to achieve those goals.