Oh what a joyful moment as the recently freed Chibox girls reunite with their families.


21 of the 200+ captured school girls where recently released by the terror group,  Boko Haram and it was such a joyful moment when the girls finally reunited with their families. Lots of tears of joy as mothers half and hug their child for the first time in over two years.


In an emotional ceremony in the capital Abuja, one of the girls said they had survived for 40 days without food and narrowly escaped death at least once. Another stated “I was in the woods when the plane dropped a bomb near me but I wasn’t hurt. We had no food for one month and 10 days but we did not die. We thank God.”


One parent said: “We thank God. I never thought I was going to see my daughter again but here she is… Those who are still out there – may God bring them back to be reunited with their parents.”



We pray for the safe return of the rest of the girls.