Sex positions to try if he has a big manhood


It’s always a big shock for a women to discover for the first time that their man has an impossibly big manhood. Those who have either been through it or living with it say it could be a challenge to have sex with a man that is generously endowed, with the pounding of the cervix during sex, which can sometimes make the act a thing to be endured rather than enjoyed!

Sex experts however have two words of advice for women who happen to be involved with men of massive means: control the depth of penetration, and keep him well away from your cervix.

Beyond these advice from sex experts, here are some sex positions to assume in order to comfortably enjoy sex with your well-endowed partner…

The Flying V: Make him kneel, while you rest your bum on something such as a sturdy table or a pile of pillows. Make your legs into a V-shape. When he has to enter you downward like this, it keeps him from going super deep. You get the feeling of being well-stuffed without being impaled.

The cherry on top: Lie on top of him on your back and have him enter you from behind. This position has a semi-awkward angle that keeps him from hitting you too deep, but still strokes the sensitive top side of your vagina. Even better: lubricate your upper thighs so they stimulate his shaft with every thrust. He also has direct access to your clit from here — a bonus.

The stand and deliver: Stand facing each other and lift one of your legs, wrapping it around his waist. Have him enter you standing like that, even if he has to squat a little. You’ll get plenty of him, just not too much, because you’re lengthening your vaginal cavity.

The thigh-high straddle: Have him sit cross-legged on the bed, and have your legs spread on either side of his waist, using his raised thighs to support your butt so he doesn’t go too deep. This way, you control the thrusts and are able to go slow and rock back and forth, letting him slowly in deeper.

The humping bumper cars: Here, the two of you sit, facing each other; he enters as you position your legs on either sides of his waist. Then lean back on your hands so you’re in a crab walk position, just like him. This affords you the opportunity to control the thrusts