Women at 33, enjoy sex better


Experts have said that 33 is the age at which women start having the best sex.

Naturally, in your 20s, you have the boundless energy of youth to experiment with sex and making lasting impression on the men you date; however, the scientists say, a woman’s sexual peak is apparently at the age of 33. They have their reasons.

A 2016 study by House of Fraser notes that only about 30 per cent of women are able to orgasm with penetrative sex and that in your 20s, this may even be elusive despite your trysts with different men. But in your 30s when you are likely married and have children, things are lot more balanced and mature.

The researchers had asked 2,000 women at what age they felt sexiest, and a massive 64 per cent said that their 30s were the decade of confidence.

The researchers are of the view that self-confidence or the infrequency of sex because of job, motherhood, etc., now make sexual encounters worth the efforts now in your early 30s.

“You don’t reach the age of 33 without experiencing some trials, whatever they might be. And with those tests come an ability to stop sweating the small stuff,” the research concludes

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