Okey Bakassi: 70 per cent of Nigerian celebrities are on drugs


Veteran actor and TV host, Okey Bakassi, has raised concerns over the alarming rate of drug abuse and its consumption in Nigeria.  The stand-up comedian said a majority of illicit drugs consumers are Nigerian celebrities.

He made the assertion when he appeared as a guest on Emma Ugolee’s The Gist alongside African China and Sound Sultan.

“Conservatively 70% of Nigerian Celebrities are on some sort of substance today. They have gone ballistic. You hear a lot of names- SK, Kush, Loud, etc. the names come everyday and you’re struggling to keep up with the nomenclature of it.”

Bakassi, however, admitted that he also indulged in the act when he was younger, and noted that entertainers often take drugs to boost their creativity.

“I did some of it too. Creativity is part of it. [It enhances creativity] in the short term,” he said.

According to a mental health expert who was also on the show, “[Drugs and] alcohol [today] is the to-go guy and yet the most commonly abused substance.”

"When I see what these young artistes are doing today with drugs, I thank God for my days" – African China . "Conservatively, 70% of Nigerian Celebrities are on drugs today. They have gone ballistic " – Okey Bakassi . Alcohol is the to go guy and yet the most commonly abused substance" – Mental health expert. . "Can drugs enhance creativity in a place where there is no creativity?" -Sound Sultan . . "This is not a joke" – The Gist The consumption of hard drugs by Nigerian youths, especially amongst entertainers today is ALARMING!!!! There is fire on the mountain and nobody seems to be on the run…one day we we would wish that we put out the fire. . . Join #THEGIST with Emma Ugolee as it addresses this subject matter this evening at 10:30pm on Hiptv channel 324 on Dstv and 74 on Gotv.

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African China was quick to add his voice on the talk show, he said ” When I see what these young artistes are doing today with drugs, I thank God for my time”

Recently young artistes of the likes of Wizkid have been seen display drugs and it’s intake publicly on social networking sites. How alarming,  what message ahis he trying to pass on to younger generations?

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